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February 19, 2019

What is a QuiltBlock Party Kit?

Using pre-cut, party-ready QuiltBlock Party Kits, guests decorate individual quilt blocks that are then crafted into lovely quilts holding memories for a lifetime and infused with the joy of a very special day! 

Included in each QBP Kit:

  • QuiltBlock Party Blocks
  • QuiltBlock Party Window TM
  • QBP Practice Pad
  • QuiltBlock Party Tips Table Tent
  • One (1) Fabric Pen - Black

Need more blocks?

The QuiltBlock Party kit comes with 25 blocks. Additional blocks are available for $1 per block. Just specify when ordering how many additional blocks you would like to purchase.

Party Day Supplies

Suggested items needed on the day of your event.

  • Large covered workspace or table
  • Towels for paint or glue clean-up
  • Free area to lay completed blocks for drying and display
  • Pens/pencils and QBP Practice Pad for doodling and inspiration
  • Sharp #2 pencils to sketch on blocks before marking
  • Decorating supplies such as fabric markers*, fabric paints*, iron-on patches*, sharp scissors, glue stick, etc.
  • QuiltBlock Party WindowTM and QuiltBlock Party Tips Table Tent 

*Items available on our website when ordering Kits.

Finishing Up

Once you've executed the perfect event, return decorated blocks for expert finishing. We will transorm your completed blocks into a one-of-a-kind quilt holding memories for a lifetime and infused with the joy of a very special day.

Simply follow the instructions included with each QuiltBlock Party Kit for quick and easy return for finishing.

Gift Certificate

Consider a Gift Certificate as a no-hassle way to incorporate finishing into any QuiltBlock Party Gift. Click here to order now.